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Power Systems Stability & Control

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Course: Power Systems
Stability & Control

We are very saddened by the recent news that Dr. Prabha Kundur tragically and unexpectedly has passed away.

Our thoughts go to the Family and others close to Dr. Kundur.

 Dr. Kundur has been associated with Solvina for over 10 years, where we have had the honor to organize his excellent course “Power System Stability and Control” many times.

As event organizers and branch colleagues, it has been a great honor to work with Dr. Kundur.

He has given both us and the several hundred participants valuable knowledge and joy over the years, with his deep and long experience of power systems, combined with a passion to teach.  

We have gradually understood how widely known Dr. Kundur was around the world, through the multinational attendance of the courses and through our business contacts globally.

His heritage will remain for long and we shall cherish the memories of our long cooperation and friendship that evolved.

Thank You Prabha!