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Solvina regularly runs master thesis projects. Master thesis projects are valuable for us both because we get good help solving and investigating different challenges in our business, but also because we get the opportunity to get to know students. We see all of our master thesis students as future employees.

If you are interested in writing a thesis for us, please have a look on the right-hand side of this page for open projects, or just send us an open application in which you tell us what kind of master thesis project you are interested in.

Master thesis: Simulation software development (ex2023-004)

Thesis Description: Simpow (SIMulation of POWer systems) is a power system simulation software owned by Solvina. It includes modules for: load flow calculation, fault analysis, dynamic simulations (RMS- and EMT-models), linear analysis, and much more. As the complexity of the power system increases, the demand on the simulation softwares used for power system studies also increases. Solvina is therefore offering a thesis within simulation software development. The aim of the thesis is to develop Simpow to make it ready ...

By |October 19th, 2022|Master Thesis|

Master thesis: Ancilliary services (ex2023-003)

Thesis Description: Solvina is working with various municipally owned companies who would like to enter the market for ancillary services with their production units. The work in these projects not only focus on technical aspects but also on more strategic aspects such as methods and support in the development of the power system, including usage of inverter-based power production. Solvina is offering a thesis work within ancillary services, with the aim of developing technical and/or strategic aspects that are ...

By |October 19th, 2022|Master Thesis|