Solvina is looking for a master thesis student to perform boiler simulation study.


Boilers are used in industry complexes to provide steam needed for different production plants. The same steam is also utilized in on-site steam turbines to generate electricity for the complex. Depending on the size of the boiler/turbine it is sometimes possible to run the complex without connection to the national power grid. Solvina has been developing control solutions for similar complexes in India for several years. Following the desire to increase sustainability more renewable forms of fuel mixes for the boilers are investigated.

Thesis Description

Modelling of mixed biomass and coal fired fluidized bed boiler

Solvina has developed dynamic simulation models of coal feed boilers for use in larger complex wide simulation studies. Following transition to renewable resources adding biomass to existing boilers is looked at more and more. The thesis work will look at implementing biomass as fuel in an existing boiler model and investigate how different amount of biomass will affect:

  • Boiler steam flow ramping rates
  • Boiler control systems
  • Combustion

The purpose is, among others, to be able to use the results for estimating impact for the on-site power production’s ability to handle load changes. We see this work as a valuable way to improve work methods and understanding of mixed fuel boilers.

If you comply with the following, you might be the one we are looking for:

  • MSc student within chemical physics, automation, signals and system or similar
  • Looking for an environment with highly competent colleagues
  • High performing and challenge driven, open to innovative ideas
  • Meriting competencies: Combustion theory, Control theory, Programming

Solvina is offering:

An exciting thesis work including both theoretical and modelling work with a clear final result, performed in a highly competent environment with expert areas such as electric power engineering, process and control engineering and engineering management. The thesis will be performed at our headquarters in Gothenburg. If you have any questions about the thesis, please contact Carl Ressel at or +46 31 709 63 23. Selection takes place continuously.

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    Master thesis: Modelling of mixed biomass and coal fuel fired fluidized bed bolier (ex2023-006)