Thesis Description:

Solvina is working with various municipally owned companies who would like to enter the market for ancillary services with their production units. The work in these projects not only focus on technical aspects but also on more strategic aspects such as methods and support in the development of the power system, including usage of inverter-based power production. Solvina is offering a thesis work within ancillary services, with the aim of developing technical and/or strategic aspects that are relevant to our ongoing projects. The thesis work can include tasks such as:

  • Model development
  • Development of methods and work processes
  • Investigating how inverter-based power production can be used or affects the market for ancillary services

The student completing this thesis will gain great knowledge in power plant dynamics and control, power plant testing, ancillary services and their qualification processes.

For this thesis we are looking for one student with the following background:

  • MSc student within electric power, signals and systems, or similar
  • Special interest in the following areas is meriting:
    • Power plant dynamics and control
    • Ancillary services
    • Strategic development of the power system

Solvina is offering:

An exciting thesis work performed in a highly competent environment with expert areas such as electric power engineering, process and control engineering, and engineering management. The thesis will be performed at our headquarters in Gothenburg. The exact scope will be decided together with the student to match with the student’s interest areas.

If you have any questions about the thesis, please contact Bengt Johansson at or 031-709 63 66. Selection takes place continuously.

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    Master thesis: Ancilliary services (ex2023-003)

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