Master thesis: Ancilliary services (ex2023-003)

Thesis Description: Solvina is working with various municipally owned companies who would like to enter the market for ancillary services with their production units. The work in these projects not only focus on technical aspects but also on more strategic aspects such as methods and support in the development of the power system, including usage of inverter-based power production. Solvina is offering a thesis work within ancillary services, with the aim of developing technical and/or strategic aspects that are ...

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Master thesis: Model development (ex2023-002)

Thesis Description: Solvina is working with various types of power system studies such as: model development and validation, controller tuning, verification of performance requirements, grid code compliance according to RfG (Requirements for Generators), stability studies, and qualification for providing ancillary services. These studies require more and more complex models to study for example integration of renewables and battery energy storage systems into the power grid. Solvina is therefore offering a thesis work within model development, with the aim of ...

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Master thesis: Virtual power plant (ex2023-001)

Thesis Description: Solvina has developed a testing equipment to analyse the dynamic performance of power plants while connected to the power grid. As part of our long tradition of continuously developing our testing equipment, this thesis work is aiming at developing a virtual power plant framework. The thesis work can include tasks such as: Software design and programming of framework Programming of power plant models for synchronous and inverter-based production Hardware specification and construction Testing and validation The ...

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Successful course in Power System Stability at Chalmers University of Technology

Solvina has just delivered another successful course in Power System Stability at Chalmers University of Technology with a diverse combination of participants from Europe and Asia both onsite and online from various TSOs, power generators and academia. The course bridges the gap between theoretical and practical concepts by combining lectures with lab demonstrations at Chalmers. “All topics covered in the course were relevant and essential for myself to perform in my daily work.” - Lauri Kauppi, Wärtsilä. “The content ...

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Master thesis: Open application

Thesis Description: Solvina encourages master students within power or energy systems, automation, signals and systems, process control, or similar to submit their own proposals for thesis work to us. The scope of the thesis will then be decided together with the students. Solvina is offering: An exciting thesis work performed in a highly competent environment with expert areas such as electric power engineering, process and control engineering, and engineering management. The thesis will be performed at our headquarters in ...

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Solvina söker ingenjörer

Om du känner att det vore roligt att jobba med något nytt och med nya människor efter semestern – hör av dig till oss på Solvina. Vi söker ingenjörer till ett flertal olika tjänster inom elkraft, processreglering, systems engineering och ledningssystem. Ring eller maila oss så berättar vi mer, eller skicka in din intresseanmälan redan idag. Vi önskar dig en fin sommar!

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Test of India’s largest hydropower plant

Solvina team India has achieved another milestone in the Posoco testing program. Nathpa Jhakri Hydroelectric Station (NJHPS) of 1500 MW capacity, which is India’s largest hydropower plant, has now been tested. Rampur Hydro Power Station (HPS) of 412 MW, that is in cascade with Nathpa Jhakri, has also been tested. “The primary frequency response test was very interesting at both the hydro plants as we can observe the effect of water dynamics in Rampur HPS introduced due to sudden ...

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