Design expertise for market-leading results

Solvina specializes in Design primarily on a systems level: Process Design, Control System Design, and Power Systems Protection Design. Our work in this area often involves advanced system analyses using simulations of plant behavior. We ensure that the design of your process, control, and power systems work together in all operating conditions.

Large industrial plants and energy systems are complex, encompassing a large number of technical disciplines. Achieving high degrees of reliability, stability, and availability is challenging. Conventional steady state design methods create risk in terms of equipment failure and process disruption, and potentially considerable revenue losses. 

Determining goals, meeting targets

In Design projects, we first determine design goals in terms of operational requirements: what normal and abnormal scenarios should need to be managed? We then acquire plant data to establish a computer model. Through detailed simulations plant design is subsequently verified, and proposals made to ensure that performance targets are met.

Ideally, Solvina is able to verify a design before it is commissioned: a design with a well-established requirement fulfillment that ensures many years of trouble-free operation. Detailed, well-documented designs from each requirement to each solution also enables effective change management throughout a plant’s operational lifetime.

Solvina’s approach offers substantive, measureable results, including: trouble-free commissioning; improved operational efficiency, (in terms of energy efficiency and other production efficiency); fewer outages and fewer disturbances; lower lifecycle costs due to effective change management.

Some of our key customers in this area:

Reliance Industries
Oskarshamn Nuclear Power Station
Akzo Nobel
Södra Cell Pulp mill



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