Management: optimizing processes to improve performance

Our Management function develops optimal management and process solutions, and supports project execution, thereby maximizing productivity and minimizing operating costs. Based on in-depth technical expertise and analysis, we work directly – often in-house – with our customers to achieve long-term operational efficiencies.

Our management experts identify key factors such as improved documentation, processes, organizational aspects, and future capacity to ensure that our solutions reduce costs in specific projects and in installations’ lifecycle performance.

A full range of management support

Typical services in this area include initial analyses or pre-studies, followed by the development of new and enhanced processes or methods, training and implementation support for general development services, and expert competence/resource support for projects in safety/quality management, assurance and demonstration, CM, RM, and V&V.

Solvina’s Management expertise helps customers to implement predictable, auditable and stable quality and safety structures at reduced cost, minimizing project – and where applicable licensing – risk. Other benefits include greater precision in income forecasting and scheduling, and improved staff moral feeding through to improved staff performance.

Some of our key customers in this area:

Södra Cell Pulp mill
E.ON värme
Swedish Transport Administration



Björn Ivarsson
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