Power System Operation Corporation (POSOCO), India

Ensuring optimal power supply for 18 million consumers

Power System Operation Corporation Limited, (POSOCO), is a wholly owned subsidiary of Power Grid Corporation of India Limited, (PGCIL). Formed in March 2010 to operate the power management functions of PGCIL, it is responsible for ensuring that India’s power grid is integrated, reliable, efficient and secure.

The challenge

The Northern Region Grid of India, which provides power to nine states in northern India, including the city of Delhi that has a population of some 18 million, experienced widespread power outages in July 2012 due to a grid disturbance. The outages affected more than 620 million people. A government enquiry into the outages recommended that all possible measure should be taken to secure adequate primary frequency response through governor action.

The aim

As a leading expert in the optimization and measurement of frequency control in power plants, Solvina was selected to conduct and evaluate a series of tests for various power plants on behalf of POSOCO, as well as recommending standards for primary frequency response nationwide.

The solution

Solvina’s unique approach, and specially designed testing equipment for optimizing frequency control of power plants, were used to carry out advanced on-line hardware-in-the-loop tests of hydro, gas, and steam turbine power plants. Our tests accurately identified potential improvements, and all tests were carried out during normal operations. Even island operation tests were performed without disconnecting power plants from the grid.

Solvina has analyzed some 100 power plants, rating their ability to control frequency in normal and island operations, over the past 15 years. Analyses have been made through advanced dynamic simulations, and one-of-a-kind measurement methodologies. No other provider offers the breadth and depth of experience that Solvina does in this field. Our unique methods and technologies have been developed in-house, a knowledge base that continues to grow with every testing program we carry out.

The result

Our tests determined the capability of stable frequency control at all tested power plants. Limitations of current frequency control requirements were identified, and new standards were recommended. The methods proposed for testing of primary frequency response at power plants in India proved to work well. With well-tuned primary frequency response at power plants across the power grid, the likelihood of outages – along with the consequences of outages – has decreased considerably.

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