Analysis: unrivalled insights for outstanding results

Solvina provides expert analysis of dynamic performance at large process and power plants and systems. Advanced simulator technologies and measurements are combined to obtain comprehensive and highly accurate assessments of operational performance; complex mathematical calculations are applied, the validation of which drives real-life behavioral changes. Key objectives of these methods include: trouble-shooting, failure analysis, design, and tuning.

Our methods are universal and can be applied in any area. Solvina focuses on, and has unique knowledge of, the following areas, specifically in the process and power industries: Power System Studies; Process Control Studies; Operator Training; and Operation Strategy Studies.

Large industrial plants and energy systems are highly complex, and contain many technical disciplines. It is therefore virtually impossible to achieve high degrees of reliability, stability and availability with conventional steady state design methods.

Operators that do not implement advanced dynamic analysis methods face greater risks in terms of equipment failure and tripping due to disturbances, and ultimately potentially substantial revenue loss.

Advanced analysis, measurable results

A key component of Solvina Analysis is a thorough plant or system analysis, which includes data collection, (describing the properties and performance of studied areas); modeling of the plant or system; measurements of the actual plant; validation of models; simulations and analysis of results; and finally conclusions and recommendations.

Our Analysis services help customers to reach a complete understanding of the dynamic behavior of studied plants, and, by involving customers throughout the process, propose remedies for improved stability, reliability, efficiency and availability of operations in the short- medium- and long-term.

Solvina Analysis delivers a number of measurable results for customers, including: improved efficiency due to more stable operations; improved product quality due to reduced fluctuations and fewer outages; and improved availability and fewer outages.


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